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    Ny state police ranks

    I am a bit confused by the NY State Trooper Police ranks and structure. They have sergeant and lieutenant ranks, like most police organizations. However, I notice that there is an entire set of ranks in between that resemble the enlisted ranks of the US Army.

    On the their website, it states that one can compete for the sgt rank after 4 years, then the LT rank once one is a sgt for 2 years.

    So, are all the other sgt ranks (staff sgt, 1st sgt, etc,) for those who chose not to go for LT? Does a new LT have authority over a technical sgt or first sgt who has been a trooper for more years than a LT?


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    Thanks. I had seen this already. It doesn't really answer my q, though.

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    Probably you best answer is to call the public information office at the NYSP and ask them, but it is not uncommon to have both civil service (permanent rank) and discretionary appointed positions in law enforcement agencies. Some of the NYSP ranks are pretty clearly positional, for example a zone sergeant in the NYSP is the assistant zone commander. Lieutenants outrank sergeants, and State Police and Patrols are generally more military than most paramilitary LE, but like in the military the wise new lieutenant collaborates with his seasoned sergeants. The distinction between civil service and discretionary may not be all that great in practice unless things go wrong. In many major departments, if you come a cropper as an assistant chief you may be reduced to your highest civil service rank at the the decision of the Commissioner. Assistant Chief today; Lieutenant tomorrow. If all goes well you can retire at the higher rank and pay.

    In all LE, there are lots of folks who know that the next promotion opens doors and requirements that may move you out of an assignment you love, result in a transfer that you and the family do not want or add responsibilities that you have no desire to meet.

    This is pretty complex reading, but the structure of the NYSP is statutory:N.Y. EXC. LAW 215 : NY Code - Section 215: Organization; salaries; qualifications; appointment; term; rules and regulations

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    I have seen departments adjacent to where I use to work that would make the senior sergeant wear the rank of 1SG. It was more ceremonial then anything else. The rank just designated him as the senior sergeant in the department.



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