I was an active browser on the forums years ago when I was trying to get into law enforcement. I was initially hired as a local patrol officer and eventually made the jump to HSI in a large metropolitan office.

My career as an HSI SA as been everything I was looking for and more. What I like most about HSI is our ability to work almost any kind of investigation. During my time as an SA I have worked gang investigations, firearms investigations, money laundering investigations, drug smuggling/trafficking investigations. In some instances these investigations have taken interesting turns leading to prosecutions for kidnapping, hostage taking, armed robbery and homicide.

We have the ability to work almost every kind of case DEA, FBI, and ATF can work with our added immigration, customs and state LEO authorities. In my AOR we are sworn in and issued local (badges & credentials) and given state LEO authority.

I strongly encourage anyone seeking a career in law enforcement to apply to become an HSI SA. It is a rewarding career that will allow you to work a diverse group of program areas.