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    Thanks, FedAgent for that wealth of information and point of view. I am in fact currently focused on a city agency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FedAgent View Post
    Chasmain, ATF SAC nailed it. I'll only add a couple of things. There are not as many specialized unit opportunities, in most state police/highway/patrol organizations in the U.S., as there are in city/county police departments & sheriff's offices. No - the state police or highway patrol doesn't come in and "take over" a case in a local department's jurisdiction. A small department might REQUEST the state police assist or take the primary role in a major felony investigation due to limited resources; but the "taking over" by state police is only in the movies. Making SGT and/or getting into specialized units in most U.S. police agencies of any significant size takes 3-5 years before eligibility. I highly recommend that you focus on a progressive, decent sized (primary 9-1-1 response) city or county police department or county sheriff's office. THEN look at being a Trooper if that is your ultimate desire. Unless you go to agencies like California Highway Patrol, Massachusetts State Police or New Jersey State Police, where there is a huge percentage of "regular policing" due to the rural make-up and unincorporated county area, you just will not quickly gain the experience of the dark side of society as a law enforcement officer. I understand one's possible desire to only work traffic as a Trooper; however, as ESFLEA stated - one must pay their dues. I think the most important thing about the "dues paying/time in the trenches thing" is the experience gained in order to survive while working the street. If you do a good job, learn from your veteran police peers, make solid cases, show up for court, respect and impress the prosecutors and judges, you'll have every specialized unit boss begging for you. Mine was Motors, then I became the boss; and I looked for motivated rookies like I just decribed. Then I got the hell off the street and went federal. And if you only remember one thing from this post, remember this: Don't hold your flashlight in your gun hand! Best of luck.

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    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."- Sherlock Holmes



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