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    Post Netflix Making a Murderer

    Anyone else seen this regarding the Steve Avery case out of Manitowoc county Wisconsin? I'm only 2 episodes into the mini-series but if nothing else Netflix has succeeded in making this a national case. It's probably a tempest in a teapot that will blow itself out shortly. The American public don't seem to have long attention spans. But... it could also grow legs of its own and lead who knows where.
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    Certainly the idiot celebrities with plenty of time on their hands, like Mindy Kaling, have jumped on the bandwagon and pronounced this guy innocent. How I hate Twitter and the media's laziness in using Twitter celebrity quotes as "news."

    I think a high school kid with a cell phone camera and a potential audience of low information agitators could make any convict look innocent by presenting one side of the case -- and a very slanted view at that.
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    Haven't seen any of the documentary itself, but I have seen some of the media coverage. There was an interview with the filmmakers wherebtheynwere asked about the prosecutor's complaints about the film. Their responses were to claim they couldn't present all the evidence due to time constraints, so they selected the "best" evidence; to denigrate the prosecutor personally for issues that came up later in his career; and to tell the prosecutor that if he didn't like,what they did that the prosecutor should make his own documentary. None of that defends any of the substantive challenges made against the film. Sounds like they wanted a hit film, not a presentation of truth.

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    And NETFLIX is loving the publicity and revenue. Truth? Doesn't sell. Everyone is a Homicide Investigator.
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    I am 3 episodes in so far. The thing I find interesting (and somewhat a sad commentary on our country) is the hundreds of thousands of uninformed rubes who believe everything they see on TV, then sign an online petition demanding the president pardon the guy. 30 seconds of internet research would tell them the president has zero authority to issue such pardon. With all due sarcasm, I am sure this mini-series does a much better job at presenting all of the evidence to viewers than what the actual jurors who sat through weeks of trial experienced.



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