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    Shoulder strength... advice?

    Hi folks,
    Hope your all keeping safe.
    Looking for any tips or advice.
    Had a little injury, haven't been doing much training, apart from running.

    I've just got a call for a pre-selection fitness test for another unit.
    I've got 2 weeks till test, problem is my left shoulder is weak, part of test is shoulder presses, 15kg, max reps..... I'm struggling to do them. Can any gains be made in 2 weeks?
    Any ideas/advice appreciated.

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    You can make limited gains in that short a period, but need to be careful about overtraining. The best exercise for improving your shoulder press is, well, the shoulder press, but other compound exercises (particularly bent over rows) will help as well. Resting muscles is important in building strength, and you will typically want at least a day off in between working the same muscle groups. I would also leave at least two, preferably three days off before your test.

    Not sure what your test consists of, but if you have any options for testing order then try to work your weaker areas first. If shoulder press is your weakest exercise, doing that one first will at least ensure you are at your peak for it.

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    Having injured myself prior to selection courses or try outs and had negative outcomes, I'd seriously look into deferring the try out until you are healed and better prepared. If I were on the management side of the selection I'd appreciate the honesty and professionalism of stepping up and saying you weren't prepared. IMO, 2 weeks isn't enough time to do more than get back in the groove of exercise, and the psychological effect of adding stress due to a time constraint has a serious possibility of causing more injury.

    That's my take at least.
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