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    questions about donald trump

    im not really into politics at all and im not trying to start a debate over it. i have been thinking lately about our presidential canidates donald trump and Hillary clinton. I don't know much about either of the two but i have been hearing a lot of critisism about trump for the past couple of months. its mostly about how trump hates muslims and illegal immigrants and since their is a 50% chance he could win presidency i want to know what possible ways could the muslim population be affected if he becomes president.

    Since donald trump wants to put a ban on muslim immigrants from countries with cases of islamic terrorism. is that actually possible. can the u.s government actually put a ban on people based on race.

    could there be job discrimination for muslim americans.especially for government jobs. reason asking is because im a muslim american wanting to become an 1811.

    and this one might be dumb but can there actually be a holocaust on muslim americans in this country.

    a lot of fellow muslim americans i know are just afraid of him. literally they don't feel safe with him running for president cause there is a chance of him winning.

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    This is a law enforcement job board and you're asking a troll question. Read and you'll find the answers to all your speculative questions. The US has had bans on specific countries from immigrating to the US before. There are US laws banning discrimination in the workplace. Read. Thank you.
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