Hello everyone ,

I'm a college freshman currently pursuing degrees in business & criminology interested in a broad range of law enforcement careers. I've already gotten the spiel about how pursuing an 1811 career has an unlikely favorable outcome and thankfully I've been told early enough to be wary of and avoid CJ degrees (). Although I'll be keeping my motivation high and my hopes low I've been seeking internships and information about similar career paths that could assist me in landing an 1811 job, or just help my luck landing a desired leo gig.

I've got a couple of questions for anyone in the community that may know anything about county prosecutor investigative/detective careers, preferably information relevant to the northern new jersey/tri-state area - but any old information can't hurt!

-Would an applicant with a four year degree, plenty of volunteer [first-aid & police exploring] work, and prosecutor level internship experience likely be turned down against someone with a few years of LEO experience on their belt for a prosecutor's investigator gig? I'm aware that you'd be sent to an academy regardless and that politics are at work, but do county-level recruiters generally seek personality and background or would they rather seek street cop experience?

-I'm sure this topic is already a thoroughly dead & beat horse in this community, but this one goes specifically to those out in this particular gig. How rewarding is your career? And as far as you know, how rewarding is it compared to an 1811 career? Were you satisfied with your career position and style of life, considering that you're doing a similar level of red-tape/judicial work as an 1811 without being labeled as one?

-How sought after is this career compared to an 1811 or municipal/county/state level police detective career?

-Any possibility of a major federal agency being discouraged to hire a county prosecutor's investigator due to the level of training that they've already received? I've heard that some major agencies prefer a clean slate prior to training, how relevant is that information to the county prosecutor investigator career path?

Apologies for sounding like another young brat that thinks they have their heart set on an 1811 career