Hey all,

Let me start of by saying this is my 3rd time applying for CBPO in the Southwestern region.

-First time I didn't turn in my signature forms and the email they sent with a 48 hour deadline went straight to my junk which I never read. That was an automatic disqualification.
-Second time I passed everything, then failed polygraph so I had to wait 3 years to reapply.
- Third time which is this time around. I applied in November 2015. By April of 2016 I had done my written exam, physical test, interview and Video Based Test. It has been over a year and I haven't heard anything back. I have other friends who applied at the same time I did and they've all already taken the polygraph already. Some have passed and even graduated the academy while others have failed the polygraph and out of the process but I STILL haven't gotten a response. On CASS System it shows everything as passed except for 'Drug Screening' which I haven't taken and 'Background Investigation' which the polygraph is a part of.

Every time I call the Hiring Center they tell me they can't give me any information about my status.

Has this happened to anyone else? This waiting period? Is this normal? Or what should I do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I'm in the dark here.