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    ATF Industry Operations Investigator

    Open on USAJobs today through May 22. First 2,000 applicants. Good luck.

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    I applied for this position specifically for the locations of
    Austin, TX
    Springfield, IL
    Kansas City, MO

    I was contacted at the end of June regarding my availability to go to the nearest office for my Home of Record possibly the very next week. I reaffirmed my interest in the position and they said I would receive another call shortly regarding the exact day and time. I received that call a few days later and they set a day of July 6th. I drove there took the math test first which they checked immediately. They then proceeded to give me a list of topics to write a one page essay over and gave me roughly 20 minutes to write. I did so saved it and handed the laptop back to the person handling that. I then proceeded to a small conference room with 3 current Industry Operations Investigators and one Investigative Assistant. There was a panel interview that lasted about a half hour. Mostly situational specific questions regarding what I would do if... X, Y, Z. Total length of time from when I arrived to when I left after all three portions were done was about an hour and 15 minutes.
    I felt fairly confident about the interview once it was finished. After the conclusion the interviewers said that they would forward my interview answers to headquarters and they would not really know they outcome from there.
    About a month later I received an email stating that I did not have the requisite education, experience, or qualifications for a GS 7 in this position. I called the following business day the number provided for a point of contact and asked if it was a mistake since I had been referred and interviewed. While it was not exactly confirmed or denied. The gist of it was that I should not have received that email and to just carry on.
    A co worker of mine who applied to the same announcement at different locations received 2 separate emails for 2 locations saying he was not one of the best qualified and would not be referred.

    Background: Current ICE employee, 10 pt vet, and 2 bachelor degrees as of May 2017.

    Anyone else hear anything? Interview? etc?



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