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    Behind a desk, crying

    Got your start on 911jobforums...

    Way, way, way back there, BIG SEXY was doing some web surfing and came upon this site. At the time BIG was on his second agency and about 9 years into his federal career. As many of you, initially perused the site before joining. Be it the site was much much more vibrant in October of 2003, full of federal agent/officer hopefuls with many a question hoping to find that edge in grabbing a coveted spot with an agency.

    Which brings up BIG's question to you, the masses. Who here got their initial employment start on 911jobforums?

    Be it a bit of advice, which you found invaluable?

    Deciphering the whole federal employment process?

    Having initially heard the agency you were eventually employed by were even hiring?

    Whatever it may be, who can trace, at least a bit of that journey, to 911jobforums?
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    This was the main site I came to for FBI hiring advice, and it worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Sexy View Post
    Be it a bit of advice, which you found invaluable?
    Keep Big or any FLEO/LEO visiting your area well fed.... they are are your friends for life....

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    2002 here, 15 years on as an 1811. Didn't even realize that Customs had 1811s at the time..

    Time flies.
    The only thing that saves us from bureaucracy is its inefficiency.

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