How often do you guys get 911 calls and complaints about suspicious behavior based on skin color. Like for example" a person calling after seeing a POC in an area where he/she stands out to other people".

I saw a reddit post of a cop who made a post saying please stop making his job so difficult. he got a complaint about illegal fishing and that the person filing the complaint lived there for years and has knew that the person fishing didn't live in the community. once the officer arrived he saw an African American male just fishing in the pond. once he saw the officer the man said

African American male:"Let me guess, my racist neighbors called again saying I didn't live here".

The officer: " yes, sir. That is what the caller said.

African American male: "here's my license, I've lived here for 10 years, and they call on me every once and a while."

The officer: "I'm sorry to have bothered your fishing. Have a good day, and good luck with your horrible neighbors."

I saw a couple other officers post similar scenarios as welll