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    Quote Originally Posted by whatchagot View Post
    I'm no model of health on this either. It's not the mall or movie theatre shooting I'm afraid I'll miss, it's the phone call from the local departments I work with saying they've had a cop shot and need bodies to assist on a manhunt, or an ATF dog to find a gun, that I fear missing. I've gone out at all hours of the night with the narcotics and gang units shaking down local perp hideouts on everything from murders to officer involved shootings. They aren't the cases that make Fox News, but they're the ones that matter to me. Generally the nonsense from ATF management can wait.

    We've deviated somewhat from the OP's question, but in my world emails off duty can wait. Calls and texts usually cannot wait until Monday.
    Totally agree. My old partner and I had a whole list of the priority communication methods. In order of least important to most:

    “High side” email
    Desk phone
    Desk phone with voicemail
    “Low side” email
    Cell phone call
    Cell phone call with voicemail

    We would discuss. “Hey, I need to talk to Bob about this. You think text, or just leave a message at his desk?”

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    Yep. Exactly. If you leave me a VM, I will assume that something has exploded or someone has been murdered.

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    My two cents

    I have stopped checking email on weekends or on annual leave. After 20 years of "on" 24/7 or darn close, the madness has to stop. My phone is indeed with me ALL the time, folks know to call me if something is urgent. Some question exists in my mind as to whether I should even be carrying my work phone on the weekend or on leave (days that AUO/LEAP does not pertain). My bosses have my personal cell number.

    Thanks for the replies, everybody stay safe.

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    As an interesting aside, I’m not aware of any policy my agency has to direct when and where we carry our phones here in the US. However, we went through and interesting policy cycle over the last few years regarding international travel and phones. When I joined, the policy was that you must bring the cell phone on official overseas travel, and you MAY bring it for personal travel. Then it changed to that you MAY REQUEST to bring it for personal travel, but expect the request to be denied as it would only be approved for critical personnel. Then it abruptly shifted to you MUST bring the phone on overseas travel, official or unofficial. My guess is that someone decided to save dollars and cut the international usage down, then someone on leave couldn’t be reached when some incident occurred, and the finally mandate was applied.

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    Sent you a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krellum View Post
    I do it, mainly because the state game wardens that I work with are working every weekend and a lot at night. In truth, I end up working most weekends, anyway, especially during hunting season. I don’t mind it.
    Sent you a PM

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    Haven't jumped over from the world of gangs, guns and narcotics to a white collar group a few months back, BIG finds himself braving to run small errands without having the bat phone constantly and consistently attached to his hip. Why? No longer being subject to the constant grind of call outs for the aforementioned gangs, guns and narcotics.

    However, BIG can't totally shake the habit of checking his phone on weekends and days off; especially when he hears that "ding", indicating an email or text. Evidenced by the fact BIG recently having had surgery, yet consistently checked his phone and even had his work laptop with him in case he needed to respond to anything case related. It's ingrained from the aforementioned "lifestyle" of having of having to be available on a 24/7 schedule to deal with last minute emergencies/surveillance/controlled deliveries/fugitive arrests/state and local assist/etc. BIG's G-ride is still outfitted for these types of actions, being loaded with hazmat suit, drug kits, both normal and high caliber body armor, breaching kit, change of clothes, hygiene kit, and all of the other bells and whistles which accompany duty calls and last minute call outs.

    Old habits die hard.
    It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both. - Niccolo Machiavelli

    Most people respect the badge, everybody respects the gun.

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    There was a time while serving multiple consecutive tours overseas that I was addicted to those blasted Washington DC morning messages coming in the smack dag middle of the night. I would automatically wake around 3am and "peek" over and invariably see the red light blinking. Greatly upsetting the better half, I would read said message, curse, hammer out a very, short, curt reply that I would sometimes regret the next day. My wife told me years into this that I was addicted to the stupid thing and this was unhealthy. She was right and it took a me quite a bit of time to turn the BB over so I could not see that cursed red light. We both knew that the real emergencies entailed the phone or every blasted phone in my house ringing at nearly the same moment.

    Now back home in the U.S., I may check the thing (thankfully the iphone does not have that blinking light that gets the adrenaline going) once per day on the weekends in the evening, if that. As other poster's noted, the folks that need it have the personal cell phone and if that is ringing from work, then somebody needs to talk to me ASAP and I am available. If not, it can probably wait to the start of the next work day.
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