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Thread: Not Guilty?

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    Not Guilty?

    The article below is from a right leaning publication. If the Mesa police officer had other officers with him at the time they were confronting the suspect, was there really a need to shoot him? And, as pointed out by the article, why, if there were multiple cops was the suspected not cuffed by one of them while the others watched with their guns?

    Does a cop stating that he or she was afraid a valid excuse for every shooting?


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    Not guilty (criminally) but the civil action, which is sure to follow, will likely result in a preponderance of evidence resulting in some kind of liability; IF they don't settle out of court. Why the suspect wasn't cuffed with multiple officers present is a crystal ball question. I had a colleague who was shot five times in the head and neck after pulling over a carload of suspected burglars. One of the suspects exited the car, approached the officer with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie; and discharged all five rounds from a .38 caliber revolver through the hoodie pocket killing the officer. No one can Monday morning quarterback a law enforcement officer's perception of ability, opportunity and jeopardy (or- motive, opportunity & intent). The fact is not whether a cop is afraid. The fact is whether the perpetrator HAS the MEANS or MOTIVE by which to cause the officer lethal harm; and does the perpetrator HAVE the OPPORTUNITY to actually do the lethal harm; and does the perpetrator INTEND on causing lethal harm. Obviously, in this case, the officer articulated all of those elements to the jurors and they believed him.
    Stay safe!


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