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    Has anyone - active or retired - seen a raise as a result of the new tax law?

    I've heard that many non-federal retirees got raises in their pension checks as a result of the new tax law. I have not seen an increase, only a reduction, because SAMBA premiums have increased. Has anyone here seen a raise?

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    My bring-home pay was about $100 more last pay period. When I compared my Earning and Leave statements, the line for Federal Income Tax Withheld accounted for the bulk of the difference, with the phrase "Formula Change," in the box. Worth noting, the standard 1.6% pay raise or whatever it worked out to be in my locality was also applied in this same check, along with all of the changes to health insurance and Flex spending that I applied.

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    The tax on my pension dropped by about $60, but the "take-home" is about only $15 more, probably due to Blue Cross premiums.
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