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    CGIS Cyber Agent, Alexandria VA

    HI. I was wondering if anyone had any information about the CGIS cyber agent position in Alexandria, VA. What is the work environment like? Is the office civilian or military led? How much travel is there? Is this primarily a lab position supporting forensic images taken from the field or is the agent going to the field to image data and then analyze it back in Alexandria? What is the case breakdown? Primarily CP and Sexual Assault, or does the position primarily support title 18 cases and maritime enforcement? Is this deployable, and if so for how long? I saw that there is a mobility agreement. Would this position be prone to moving due to its specialized nature or is this position one where the candidate would likely remain in Alexandria until retirement? Are there other forensic offices that the candidate could be relocated to by the agency due to needs of the service and how likely is it? Lastly, what does the budget look like for this office, are there opportunities for annual cyber forensics training, and also how is the funding for new forensic equipment?
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