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Thread: CISA anyone?

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    Question CISA anyone?

    Anyone want to chime in on the brand new Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency? Is it just rearranging NPPD or does it signal a new dimension in the ever expanding Uncle Sam digital domain?
    Thanks in advance for everyone's insights. Let's get some conversation started.
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    Too early to tell. On the positive side, it will elevate cyber security and infrastructure protection within DHS by making them part of an “operational” component, as opposed to simply HQ program areas. That should eventually translate to an increased profile for both the agency and its director in those areas, a shift towards more of a field focus, and (maybe) additional resources.

    The flip side is the bill allocated no additional funding. It’s hard to know what this change will mean until we start seeing either (1) budget allocations from Congress, and/or (2) DHS leveraging its existing resources to support CISA. An example of the latter approach would be detailing HSI and USSS agents to CISA to improve its cyber response capacity.

    The other question mark is FPS. The CISA bill gave DHS wide flexibility in deciding what to do with FPS. The decision of keeping it in CISA, or moving it to another component or office within DHS will greatly shape what CISA ends up being. There are reasonable arguments to be made on both sides: keeping it would give CISA a larger field presence, control over the government facilities part of infrastructure protection, and additional resources that could support other aspects of its mission (like FPS 1811s being assigned to cyber). Conversely, moving FPS to another component would allow CISA to focus on its specialty area without spending all its time on fixing FPS issues and running a uniformed security force.

    Bottom line? IMO, it’s a positive direction but won’t make much difference unless it is followed by additional funding and resources, to include some hiring flexibilities that will help in recruiting and retaining cyber specialists.



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