You would think the worst is to offer condolences to the family when someone has passed while still working. Its hard but its not the worst. The worst is to come back and tell them that they are not getting all the death benefits they thought would be there to help them. And that the reason is the fault of the one they just lost.Recently, as a member of the ATF Association Foundation board, I saw it play out again. An employee sadly passed and in looking to help the family we learned that the employee had not updated the beneficiaries to their TSP to their spouse and children. They left it to another family member, who wasn't inclined to share. They don't have to and the law provides no discretion to the agency.Its happened time after time in ATF and elsewhere, the beneficiary to insurance, TSP, unused leave is out of date because that's who the employee listed in those exciting and confusing early days. And never updated. Every on duty employee should review this at least annually and I suspect some retirees as well.I think a good idea is to review beneficiaries during Open Season for health benefits every year. Make sure you have all the current forms and that they reflect your current wishes and situation.For more information, you can review beneficiary guidance at* There is also a 2008 sticky at the top of this forum "Beneficiaries" that lists some of the forms, I would just suggest you double check with your HR folks since if nothing else is going on, the G does love to rename and renumber forms.