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    Probation Grants

    Hey everyone, I am currently a graduate student and am taking a grant proposal writing course, here I have to write a grant that would benefit my community or my workplace, I currently work for ISP and I have gotten a few ideas from them but nothing that I am too crazy about and I have not gotten to talk to any of the ''better'' officers b/c of the work hours, i was wondering if any of you guys in probation could give me a specific and good topic for a grant, what would you like funded for organization.

    thanks for any ideas

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    Hey Ace,
    My Probation department is huge on writing grants. Iguess they figure why pay for something when someone else can. Any way some of the grants that we have gotten: Juvenile gang unit, a gang member data base, adult gang unit, Bullet proof vests fo POs, all kinds of specialized juvenile or intensive supervision programs, probation alcohol treatment program, a day reporting center. just to give you an idea.



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